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  • You can upload 5 file(s) at a time.
  • The maximum "default" allowed size per file is 25MB.
  • The maximum allowed size per audio file is 50MB.
  • The maximum allowed size per video file is 200MB.
  • The sum of all your uploaded + generated files's size must not exceed allowed size 1GB.
  • The sum of all your uploaded + generated files must not exceed allowed number which is 50 files.
  • If you reached the limit, you have to delete some files before you can upload, convert, edit or compress again.
  • Your files will be deleted automatically if you aren't active (not browsing) for an hour, because we think at that time you're done doing what you want to do.
  • You can download and delete you files from "MyFiles" page.
  • You can upload all supported foramts from "Upload" page.
  • The conversion, editing and compression speed depends on your file size, so be patinet.

URL must starts with (http/https) and ends with file extension

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fb2 to mobi Converter

Converting fb2 to mobi is very easy, all you have to do is uploading a fb2 file to our server and the conversion will start automatically. Your generated files can be accessed from 'MyFiles' page.

fb2 to mobi Speed

Converting fb2 to mobi speed is depending on two main factors, the first one is the size of your fb2 file, and the second one is our server performance, which is very good.

Files Privacy

No one has access to your uploaded fb2 files and generated mobi files except you, and you can delete them from 'MyFiles' page. In general your files will be deleted automatically if you stop browsing for an hour.

Bulk fb2 to mobi

You can convert up to 5 fb2 files at a time, just drag and drop the fb2 files you want to convert in the drop zone and wait the results. You will get direct links for each file created for review or download.